The boy who was sporting by pelting stones to trees, was reprimanded by Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Further he added “If any one of you witness the final day of this universe and if he has a seedling with him at that moment, let him plant it”

Khalil Gibran, the Lebanese mystic poet admired “the trees are the poems inscribed by the Creator in the sky”

“Without woods no tiger; and without tigers no woods” Dharmputra wisely whispered to Lord Krishna

Tagore in Gitanjali fascinated “from each florescence of Thy garden, Heavenly  voice descends”

Coleridge found similitude in flowers and love, in splendor. The significance of trees is lauded by bards from time immemorial. Bharatiya Vrikshayurveda of Kautilya equates one tree to ten sons!

Let us talk about a Botanical garden. “VMK botanical garden” was born in the romantic mind of a business man turned writer and environmentalist, Sri. V. Mohammed Koya. It took shape in an area of 100 cents of land in 1991 when he started collecting rare trees from where ever he could find and planting with great care . He travelled within and outside Kerala and even in gulf countries in quest of seeds and seedling.  During the sizzling summer he was watering the trees fetching water in two pots from the bottom of the hill to the top, depicting his commitment and steadfastness to the noble cause. He acquired another 100 cents of land and developed the whole area befitting to what it is now, all spending from his own pocket.

This is the one and only private botanical garden in Kerala where more than 250 different types of trees grow. In addition, it has become an eco system in itself  hosting birds and butter flies, reptiles and flies………Several plants belonging to rare species flourish in beneath the trees as well.